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Oil and Gas Management

BP decommissioning exercise North West Hutton
NW_Hutton_ decommissioning
Crude stream codes
Environmental health and safety management in the oil and gas industry
Environmental management
Factors affecting reserve estimation
ISO and E&P
Petroleum system processes
Petroleum Value Chain
Principles and limitations of geophysical exploration
Process safety for the Oil and Gas industry
Reservoir rocks
Resource on decommissioning
Resource on sedimentary rocks
Sedimentary rocks^
What is petroleum?
Risk Analysis and Management
Project Start Up and Analysis
Appendix 1: Key players in oil and gas industry
Appendix 2: Plate tectonics
Safety issues in well testing
Appendix: Seafloor spreading theory, dating of rocks, petroleum maturation, description of
the core, mantle and crust, kerogens
Appendix: Remote sensing; satellite imagery and aerial photography

Business, Project Management, Marketing and HR

Centralization; Advantages and disadvantages
Change management
Ergonomic problems and solutions
Ethics and HRM
HRM audit
Importance of performance management
Marketing information system
Marketing Ethics
Method study
Performance cycle
Product life cycle Management
Quality Circles
Franchising (Advantages and disadvantages)
Supply chain
Background to CPD
Total Quality Management
Work measurement
Legal aspects of E-Marketing
Synectics problem solving technique
Strategic HRM
Trade union recognition and derecognition
E-commerce regulations
Critical Path Analysis
Production / operaions strategy
Advantages and disadvantages of delayering in business management
Advantages of Work Breakdown Structure
Outsourcing; advantages and disadvantages

Banking and Finance

Appendix to banking and finance (L4)
Anti Money Laundering/Counter Financing Terror Regulation: Implications for
Financial Service Providers that Serve Low-income People
Banks’ management of high money-laundering risk situations
FATF guidance on Anti money laundering
Fraud prevention
Financial Markets (money, futures, options, foreign exchange markets etc)

Health and Safety

Chest compressions (CPR)
Safety signs (colour)

E - Guides

Business Law
Risk Analysis and Management
Project Start Up and Analysis
Managing Change and Transition
Supplementary reading resources